Enhance Your Life with Gratitude

The simple practice of cultivating gratitude, an appreciative awareness, and thankfulness, can powerfully transform our everyday experience of life. For some people, this is a natural and easy thing to do. For others, keeping gratitude […]

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Dharmic life

Dharma and the Dharmic Life

Dharma and the Dharmic Life Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? ~ Mary Oliver ~ How will I live? is a question that has been […]

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inner peace through meditation

Meditate and Experience Wholeness

Meditate and Experience Wholeness All this is full. All that is full. From fullness, fullness comes. When fullness is taken from fullness, Fullness still remains. Om. Peace! Peace! Peace! –Invocation to the Isha Upanishad Through […]

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conscious living

3 Practices for Conscious Living

3 Practices for Conscious Living Do not make light of your failings,Saying, “What are they to me?’A jug fills drop by drop. So the fool becomes brimful of folly.Do not belittle your virtues,Saying, “They are […]

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When Mystics March

How to Connect Your Spiritual Heart and Your Activist Feet Without Losing Your Balance The heart of yoga is mysticism, the universal experience of conscious communion with God or ultimate Reality. Mystics arise in all […]

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kriya yoga

What is Kriya Yoga? Philosophy and Practice

Life can be a perpetual search for happiness in its myriad forms—pleasure, security, success, contentment, joy. Ever notice that we look for it and find it, only to lose it again? Or want more from wherever it seemed to come from?

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