Kriya Yoga Practice: Self-Surrender

The three strategies or practices of Kriya Yoga that Patanjali offers as the way to remove obstructions and cultivate superconsciousness are self-discipline, self-study, and self-surrender. Self-discipline is practiced every day through intentionally joyful living, by […]

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Kriya Yoga Practice: Self-Inquiry

[Humanity] naturally feels great necessity for Sat, Existence; Chit, Consciousness; and Ananda, Bliss. These three are the real necessities of the human heart and have nothing to do with anything outside [the] Self. They are […]

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Kriya Yoga Practice: Self-Discipline

Freedom through Self-Discipline For Self-realization and Self-actualization, practice self-discipline…. — Yoga Sutras 2.2 Self-discipline is the first practice that the sage Patanjali lists as defining Kriya Yoga, the way of spiritually awakened intentional living. The […]

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higher purpose

Be Steadfast – Teachings of Kriya Yoga

Kriya Yoga Satsang with Yogacharya: Be Steadfast Unwavering dedication to the goal of a Self- and God-realized life is a decision to live in the soul, to anchor our awareness in the true Self. Steadfastness […]

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spiritual teacher

When the Heart Speaks: Meeting the Guru

The Role of the Spiritual Teacher in Kriya Yoga Meeting the guru (spiritual teacher) is the way to meet one’s own Self—the key to our highest happiness. The Sanskrit word Guru means “the light that […]

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kriya yoga path

Stay Open – Teachings of Kriya Yoga

Kriya Yoga Satsang with Yogacharya: Stay Open A purposeful life is like a great steamship coursing through the waters of the world. Although it’s path is straightforward, the journey is marked time and again by […]

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