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A Year of Living Purposefully

Capture the vision of your extraordinary life, then live it—thought by thought, word by word, action by action. Every day, delight in the beauty and grace of being fully alive.

Dharma is the spiritual foundation or profound order that exists in all creation. Learning what this spiritual foundation is for our lives, and how to cooperate with it, is the secret to our greatest happiness and true success. Who would set sail without a compass? Discovering your dharma is discovering your north star—the sure guide to living with higher purpose every day.

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Then, proceed to the ‘Begin Now! Experience the Greatest Benefit from Dharma 365’ pre-lesson under Module 1.

This year-long program created by Yogacharya O’Brian will lead you through a comprehensive immersion in dharma studies and practices for discovering your higher purpose and living it every day with heart and meaning.

The course content is organized into four modules made up of weekly lessons. Work through the lessons in order and follow the instructions provided. New lessons will be available each week. Mark each lesson complete to unlock the next lesson.


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Module 1: Your Extraordinary Life


Module 2: Transforming Your Relationships


Module 3: Realize Your True Self


Module 4: Everyday Dharma