Welcome Message from Yogacharya O’Brian

Are You Ready to Live Fully, Live Well, and Awaken to Your Full Potential?

There is divine potential in the heart of every person that awaits our recognition and cooperation. Once we discover this innate potential, what was once a deep yearning becomes the dynamic cause that inspires us to live in the highest way. We can all know why we are here, how to fulfill our divine destiny and experience lasting happiness.

This course, based on the science of Self- and God-realization of Kriya Yoga, will provide the method, practices, and philosophy that will facilitate the direct encounter with your divine Self that will transform your life.

Begin by listening to the Welcome Message by Yogacharya O’Brian, and review ‘Begin Now!’ document. Then, proceed to the Getting Started’ document. You can find both of these documents on the right side of the course page, under ‘Course Media’.

Live the Eternal Way is a six-week online course created by Yogacharya Ellen Grace O’Brian to help you learn how to meditate and live by spiritual principles that will enrich your life, support your ability to awaken to your innate divine potential and thrive in every area of your life. The time-tested skills for meditation and healthy living taught and practiced in this course will transform your body, your mind, and your life.

The course content is organized into six modules made up of weekly lessons and practices. Work through the modules in order and follow the instructions provided. A new module will be available each week, for six consecutive weeks. Mark each lesson ‘complete’ to unlock the next one.

This course delves deeper into the spiritual principles and practices for prosperous living identified in Yogacharya O’Brian’s book, Living the Eternal Way, Spiritual Meaning and Practice for Daily Life. The book will be referenced throughout the course and is a valuable companion for it. You can order your physical copy here: Living the Eternal Way. The eBook is available on Amazon Kindle.



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