• Live the Eternal Way

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    Welcome Message from Yogacharya O’Brian Are You Ready to Live Fully, Live Well, and Awaken to Your Full Potential? There is divine potential in the heart of every person that awaits our recognition and cooperation. […]


  • Artha 365!

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    Artha 365 Prosperity Course

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    Welcome to Artha 365! with Yogacharya O’Brian Upanishad Prayer for a Year of Prosperous Living Are you ready for a prosperity breakthrough? Do you have a dream calling to be fulfilled? Is there an area […]


  • Dharma 365!

    65 Lessons From: $36.00 / month

    dharma 365

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    Welcome to Dharma 365! with Yogacharya O’Brian A Year of Living Purposefully Capture the vision of your extraordinary life, then live it—thought by thought, word by word, action by action. Every day, delight in the […]