mystical poetry

Literacy of the Heart: Mystical Poetry and Prose

Literacy of the Heart, a mixture of mystical poetry and masterful fiction, gave us Yogacharya Ellen O’Brian (The Moon Reminded Me) and award-winning author (think most recently of And the Mountains Echoed and previously, The Kite […]

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When Mystics March

How to Connect Your Spiritual Heart and Your Activist Feet Without Losing Your BalanceThe heart of yoga is mysticism, the universal experience of conscious communion with God or ultimate Reality. Mystics arise in all religions […]

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kriya yoga

What is Kriya Yoga? Philosophy and Practice

Life can be a perpetual search for happiness in its myriad forms—pleasure, security, success, contentment, joy. Ever notice that we look for it and find it, only to lose it again? Or want more from wherever it seemed to come from?

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