[Practice 1] Superconscious Meditation

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  1. Hello Ellen,

    Thank you for your teachings! I have just finished Lesson 1.

    I’m hoping to get some assistance with my meditation practice. I have been meditating for a year and feel at a loss because my mind seems able to do several things all at once: follow the flow of the breath, concentrate on keeping the eyes looking out at a distance, and commenting constantly on what I am doing, not judging, just speaking. In other words, my mind will not stay still and focusing on the breath does not help in the least. I’ve tried a mantra, hong-sau, but my mind is still thinking things while listening to the mantra internally.

    I’m so very eager to use meditation in earnest, but I’m not managing to get into a meditative state.

    Any thoughts?

    Thank you,

    • Hello Catlin,
      Your earnestness about meditation will go a long way! It is not uncommon for the mind to move in so many directions. It’s ok for that to happen. It will not ultimately impair your ability to meditate. Just sit, relax, focus as you can, come back to your focus and forget about how it’s going. The main thing is–don’t give up. Just sit. Give yourself permission to have a wandering mind. We all do. There is some mysterious relationship between allowing, relaxing, letting be and the internal shift that occurs into stillness. Keep me posted! Om, Yogacharya

  2. I find it incredibly helpful to be gentle. In other words, when you start–or even take up again the practice after being away–don’t sit down for a 10 or even 20 minute meditation. Meditate for 2 minutes. Set a timer. When it goes off, go about your daily business. Next few sessions, meditate for 2 minutes. Gradually over days add one minute to each session. I find if I allow short meditations, following the steps into meditation that Yogacharya gives us, that the sense of “task”, “expectation”, etc. falls away. Be easy, start small, don’t judge the quality. Just show up every day. Sometimes I think it’s more important that we simply do it consistently, than that we should concentrate on how long we sit. Forgiveness and acceptance are wonderful tools! They do something to open the door…

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