Lesson 3: Philosophy of Superconscious Meditation

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How do we live our divine life?

  • Change our point of reference from ego to Self (soul)
  • Learn to live in the soul
  • Meditate and experience superconscious realization

Superconsciousness is a heightened level of awareness that is superior to, or beyond, ordinary waking state, subconscious, or unconscious states.

Realization is a combination of intellectual discernment, intuitive perception, and direct experience.

Supreme Consciousness is the Self of all. One Life, One Power, One Presence, All that is. Because this One life and Power is omnipresent, we cannot know it with the mind. We can know about it with the mind and realize it through our direct experience of it. Superconscious meditation is a principal key to that.

Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras

  • Samadhi (Superconsciousness) is experienced when the fluctuations and changes in the meditator’s awareness are calmed or restrained.
  • Then, the Seer (the true Self) consciously abides in its own nature (essence).
  • At other times, one is inclined to identify with the changes that occur in the mind.


In the heart is a well filled with the sound of silence.
Drink from it, one taste changes everything. How do I know?
The day I stopped sitting on the edge and fell in told me this.

—Yogacharya O’Brian


For additional information, refer to:
Living the Eternal Way, p 51-59



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  1. Dear Yogacharya, that is one of my favorite poems of yours. Sometimes I find my self at what seems like the moment before I fall in, and my regular consciouness kicks in, I reflect on that poem and find a sweet reassurance to keep returning to the well.
    At that moment I either think I am falling asleep or there is a part of me that might feel scared but I am not sure. Then there are other times when I do feel moments of utter peace but feel I am not quite there yet. So, I acknowledge That which knows and understands will guide me and try to sit with that. Do you have guideance for how I might proceed?

  2. I do look forward to your response. However, I wanted to share that I just subscribed to your blog and came across the one on Surrender. I so appreciate how your messages and words have become so on point for my daily journey or challenges! From the daily Inspirations to Illuminations, your poetry and books, I am so grateful.

  3. Hello Patty,
    Sounds like you are already skillfully navigating your journey to the inner wellspring of divine consciousness. All the different scenarios you list may come into play — i.e. losing focus and nearly falling asleep, being afraid, or not quite “arriving” in the clear awareness of being. You are witnessing, noticing what is occurring as well as holding a clear intention to meditate superconsciously. All good. If your awareness drifts from your focus, you can check three points: posture (make sure your spine is straight), your gaze (holding the eyes steady at third eye or crown chakra), and your breath (be aware of the breath flow, and let it become slow, steady, and even).
    Wishing you deep and clear meditation.

  4. Thank you Yogacharya for your encouragement and suggestion. While I still have a way to go to have a steady daily practice, it has become more and more and I have seen the incremental shifts in the quality of meditation. I will continue 🙂

  5. Dear Yogacharya, I am wondering, as a human being in Superconscious Awareness, am I still a soul witnessing itself as part of the One? Or am I dissolved into the Supreme Consciousness and cease to be a soul at that point? Sometimes in meditation, I feel like I’m dissolved in a radiant light or more like a beam in a field of light. I know I am not my body at that point, and I am not a mind. Am I still a soul? Is Supreme Consciousness made up of souls, or is it beyond soul? I hope this makes sense. Thank you for your availability in this course. It is wonderful.

  6. Hello dear Carol! The teachings indicate that there are various experiences of superconscious awareness. It is possible to experience superconsciousness and be aware of witnessing the self, and there is that which is beyond such witnessing where all traces of the (small) self disappear. Soul is generally thought of as an individualized emanation of the One. It can be experienced as an individualized expression of the One, or completely merged in it, losing all sense of individualized existence.
    Think of it this way — when we are witnessing something, we are still in subject-object perception. The naming or identification of the object (subtle as it may be) occurs in buddhi, which is what is witnessing. The last letting go is this identification with buddhi. The Self is the light that makes witnessing possible. The subtle shift in your meditation practice might be from witnessing the light to being the light to experiencing what is beyond even that.

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