Lesson 4: Practice of Superconscious Meditation

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How do we quiet the mind?

The modifications are calmed or controlled by steady practice and dispassion.
Yoga Sutra 1.12

Four Stages of Superconscious Meditation Practice:

  • Foster
  • Focus
  • Flow
  • Finish

Some of the benefits of regular superconscious meditation practice include:

    • Stress reduction
    • Concentration enhanced
    • Intuition awakened
    • Mental clarity
    • Spiritual realization


Most importantly, meditation affords us the opportunity to know through direct experience who we are as spiritual beings. Knowledge of the true Self is the basis for transforming our personality and our life. Once we realize through our own experience that our nature is birthless, deathless, eternal Being, the fears and anxieties of life in this world fade.
—Living the Eternal Way, Yogacharya O’Brian


For additional information, refer to:
Living the Eternal Way, p 79-94


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  1. One of the gifts of this practice is that we can do it anywhere, anytime, with anything we are doing — cooking, taking a shower, writing an email, going for a walk. The more we focus on attending to whatever it is we are doing, the calmer the mind becomes and the stronger our ability to focus grows.

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