[Practice 2] Mantra for Superconscious Meditation

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  1. My mind can often go to negative places during meditation, it was very helpful to have your voice guiding me along and so I largely avoided that issue. It may be training wheels, but I can see myself using guided meditation for awhile to set new patterns and calm old whirlwinds.

    • Hi Barbara, Paramahansa Yogananda stressed the importance of resting in the peace that we experience as one of the after effects of Kriya Yoga meditation. He said without doing that, it is as if we prepare a fine meal but do not partake of it! Appreciate your comment on noticing the benefits associated with this practice. Thank you.

  2. Hi Yogacharya O’Brian,
    I just want to say thank you so much for this wonderful course and that it has been very inspiring so far! I’ve practiced Transcendental Meditation which uses a mantra in the past and have been practicing the Hong-Sau technique for a couple weeks now since stepping onto the path of Kriya Yoga. I’ve noticed that the mantra you teach in this guided meditation is So-Hum. The practice of Hong-Sau seems identical to your guided meditation here. Does the exact mantra matter as much as the overall technique? I’ve been having success with Hong-Sau and want to keep deepening that practice. Thank you!

    • Hello dear Robbie,
      Thanks for your post. You should most definitely continue on with Hong Sau mantra. Paramahansa Yogananda taught both Hong Sau and So’ham mantras, but most often Hong Sau. He taught that samadhi (higher states of meditation) are possible through the use of Hong Sau technique alone. That is a good recommendation! But the main thing is that you are having good results. The best way to practice Kriya Yoga is to be aware of what is working, do that, and stay with it. Your beneficial experience with the overall technique is more important than a specific mantra. Be steadfast. Wishing you continued success.

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