[Practice 3] Alternate Nostril Breathing

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  1. Somewhere along the line I was I introduced to alternate nostril breathing. However I was really not instructed well I never really understood what I was accomplishing, or why.
    Thank you for leading me through this simple but powerful way of beginning my meditation.

  2. wrestling with enmity and right thought/action with regard to injustice

    Thank you Ellen, this is a constant personal wrestling….. how to be non-reactive (not have enmity toward) in obviously abusive and/or unjust behaviors and practices. just reign it in with discipline…… again…… again….. ad infinitum. is that the way?

    with great appreciation and joy for you and CSE!

  3. HI Helena! Yes, it is a constant practice (initially) to rein in our reactive nature. It is useful to remember that reining in reactive nature is different than “stuffing” or denying. We feel the energy, notice the reaction, and make a more useful choice. Over time with consistent practice of this reigning in, combined with steady meditation, there is less reactive nature arising. We still notice; we are still aware and can be skillful because we can see more clearly without our reactions interfering.

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