Lesson 7: Develop the Skill of Self-Referral

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Review the Eight Steps for Superconscious Meditation

Yama (Restraints); Niyama (Observances); Asana (Posture);

Pranayama (Breath regulation); Pratyahara (Sense control);

Dharana (Concentration); Dhyana (Meditation); Samadhi (Oneness realization)



Our ability to experience spiritual guidance and live by the higher wisdom of the soul.

We have the ability to know by knowing and to access wisdom that arises directly from the soul—received as intuition, or clear discernment.


Panchakosha Model / Five Sheaths

One of the maps of consciousness that yoga offers is the panchakosha model. Kosha means sheath or covering of the soul. This model answers many fundamental questions:

  • How does the One become many?
  • How does that which does not change, change?
  • How are we spiritual beings with a body and mind?
  • What makes us different from one another?
  • How can I receive higher guidance? Know directly what is true?


Five Sheaths or Coverings (progress from dense to subtle)

  • Annamaya kosha – body
  • Pranamaya – vital force / energy
  • Manomaya – mental field
  • Vijnanamaya – faculty of discernment, buddhi
  • Anandamaya – bliss sheath


 Find your Self; discovering who you are really means to find God,
for there is nothing outside of God.            
–Anandamayi Ma

Knowing the truth of what we are as spiritual beings and
that same truth about others is the key to an awakened life.     
–Yogacharya O’Brian


For additional information, refer to:
Living the Eternal Way, p 51-70


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  1. Yogacharya,
    So beautifully stated and clear.
    As i move thru this lesson, reflecting and contemplating its essence: all my prior studies and readings are distilling, becoming clear. I feel a new opening emerging: to explore and move forward.
    I am most grateful.

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