Lesson 8: Strengthen Your Spiritual Focus (Sadhana)

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Niyamas (Observances): Five Practices for Spiritual Awakening

  • Cleanliness or Purity (shauca)
  • Contentment (santosha)
  • Self-discipline (tapas)
  • Self-study (svadhyaya)
  • Self-surrender (Ishvara pranidhana)


Purpose: discipline the body, purify the mind, open the heart, realize the Self — constructive actions, enhance inward flow, strengthens spiritual awareness


Practices of the Five Observances

  • Shauca (Cleanliness): cultivate an uplifting environment outwardly & inwardly
  • Santosha (Contentment): discern what brings happiness; abide in the soul’s fulness
  • Tapas (Self-discipline): act in harmony with the highest good
  • Svadhyaya (Self-study): contemplate; inquire, meditate, study
  • Ishvara Pranidhana (Self-surrender): let go of the sense of being separate; develop devotion; open to divine grace


Promises of Fulfillment of the Five Observances

  • Cleanliness: good health, serenity
  • Contentment: supreme, unshakable happiness
  • Self-discipline: balance, perfection of body, mind & senses
  • Self-study: direct perception of Truth, Absolute Reality
  • Self-surrender: Self- and God-Realization


Kriya Yoga’s Five Keys for Spiritually Awakened Living

  • Be Clear
  • Be Content
  • Be Disciplined
  • Be Curious
  • Be Whole


Everything in the future will improve if you are making a spiritual effort now.  

—Sri Yukteswar


For additional information, refer to:
Living the Eternal Way, p 135-152



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