Lesson 9: The Four Universal Aims

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Why We Are Here

  • Experience the world, find freedom from and in the world
  • Contribute to the well-being of all
  • Wake up, grow up, show up
  • We are here to be the growing edge of divine Love


Four Universal Aims for a Fulfilled Life

Purusharthas: for the sake of the soul

  • Dharma: live with higher purpose
  • Artha: prosper
  • Kama: enjoy life
  • Moksha: realize absolute freedom. Liberation


Dharma: Cosmic order of things. Higher purpose. Authentic being and expression.

  • Svadharma: individual unique expression, contribution, way of authentic becoming


Artha: Wealth — to thrive and prosper. Innate soul call


 Kama: Pleasure — to enjoy life.

  • Three types: sense pleasure, satisfaction from accomplishment; unconditional bliss


Moksha: Liberation — freedom from being unduly influenced by circumstances, qualities in nature, or patterns in the mind. Free to live by the promptings of the soul.


For additional information, refer to:
The Jewel of Abundance by Ellen Grace O’Brian, p 2-5 & 195-202


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  1. The word dispassion …. I am stumbling over how it is used in the course. I prefer to be passionate about life. I realize I THINK it means a balanced view of life but then in reading the book I see that in parenthesis following the word it says “faith.” Can you tease it out for me a bit more. Thank you in advance

    • Greetings dear Peggy! Great question about dispassion. Yes, it does mean a balanced view of life, that is a good way to put it. With regard to faith, dispassion and the nonattachment that accompanies it allows us to steadfastly hold to the highest vision (perhaps our passion!) even in the midst of changing conditions.

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