Lesson 11: How Discipleship Arises

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Discipleship is the traditional way that Kriya Yoga, path of Self- & God-realization, is learned.

  • What is discipleship? What is it to be a disciple?
  • What is a guru or spiritual master?
  • Do we need one? If so, why?
  • What is the nature of such a relationship?
  • What does it offer and what does it require?
  • How does it arise?


Discipleship is a journey back to our selves.

It is the response to a call that arises within us — a pull toward fulfillment—yearning for God, for realizing our essential nature, being restored to wholeness.


Discipleship calls us to seek higher knowledge, rather than lower knowledge.

  • Paravidya: higher knowledge / knowledge of the Self
  • Aparavidya: lower knowledge / everything else


Discipleship, as a way of spiritual awakening, is found in the world’s religions, mystical, and wisdom traditions.

  • Culture, environment, or time may influence outer expression
  • The essence of discipleship is ever the same—eternal, archetypal.


As father, mother, healer, king, warrior, are universal archetypes  so is the fundamental inner prototype of master or guru, and disciple or sishya

  • Those two are one within us. Discipleship is awakening to mastery.
  • Two things common to all people: origin in God, and destiny to awaken. Discipleship arises as the way of fulfilling this destiny.


There comes a time on our spiritual journey when we are ready to fully dedicate ourselves to living the awakened life of Self- and God-realization. This is an auspicious time when the yearning for liberation becomes the predominant urge and focus of our life.

  • When we come to this place, we are ready for discipleship


For additional information, refer to:
Living the Eternal Way, p 39-45


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  1. This lesson brings tears of yearning and the question that has risen in me so many times. Am I ready? Can I truely do this? The struggle is not so much whether is it available to me. Although that is somewhat there. But can I live in the way that is necessary on a consistent basis? Can I do it honor or maybe even do it right? It also has been, is this the right path? The essense of Kriya Yoga has brought a Yes that this is where I need and want to be. My mind has then questioned some of the affiliation of religious traditions, which I already struggle with. I do realize this is my ego that thinks and feels it is separate and that it will come up with a mirad of questions and doubts. I am happy to be on this journey and this path of meditation and study in a more substantial way. Thankfully that inner knowing is always present and accessible when I turn to it. I am so grateful for you Yogacharya and for these teachings that are available to help me grow on this path.

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