[Practice 6] Chakra Meditation on the Path of Soul Awakening

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Chakra system notes seven main subtle centers that correspond with nerve plexuses: base of spine, sacral, lumbar, dorsal, cervical, prefrontal lobes, crown, cerebrum.


Each chakra corresponds to a level of consciousness with the progression from root to crown – both emotional / psychological level / and unfolding of spiritual awareness.


Emotional, Psychological Progression of the Chakras

  1. Perineum: need for security, material consciousness
  2. Sacrum: sensual, desirous
  3. Navel: egoism, assertion of will
  4. Heart: compassionate, aspiring (Yearning for discipleship arises here)
  5. Throat: inspired, open to true knowledge & speech
  6. Third Eye: Self-realized, dispassionate
  7. Crown: Beyond psychological definition


Path of Spiritual Focus & Progressive Unveiling of Soul Power

  1. Concrete, literal
  2. Interest in psychic phenomena, astrology, subtle phenomena
  3. Interest in mind, creative imagination
  4. Progression to discipleship (Opening of the heart to devotion, surrender)
  5. Mastery / power of speech, communication / cosmic consciousness
  6. Self & God Realization
  7. Liberation / Full illumination of consciousness


Dormant life force (kundalini) in the body may be aroused by:

  • Compassionate thoughts and feelings
  • Zeal for spiritual awakening and liberation
  • Spiritual devotion
  • Meditation
  • Sattvic environment
  • Contact with a spiritually awakened person


For additional information, refer to:
Living the Eternal Way, p 64-66


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  1. Dear Uma, do you recommend completing chakra meditation at regular intervals, for a specific purpose, in addition to or instead of ‘normal meditation’, or just when you feel called to? In the past when practicing Chakra meditation I have visualised specific colour at each centre, which I find quite beautiful. Do you think that is helpful or a distraction? Thank you Marj

  2. Hello dear Marj,
    Chakra meditation can help us experience subtle energy and bring more sattvic calm to body and mind.
    However, from the viewpoint of meditation for liberation of consciousness, it would be a distraction if pursued for that purpose alone. If understood as a meditation that focuses attention on the realm of phenomena, it can still be useful. If misunderstood as the ultimate goal with the experience of subtle phenomena as the summit, then it would be a distraction. If practiced as a “jumping off” point into silence and stillness beyond phenomena, then it can be helpful.

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