Finding Prosperity through the Ancient Wisdom of Yoga

How we can apply yogic principles to create abundance in every area of our lives, now. Podcast Show Notes Entering The Temple of the Self (Opening) Yogacharya O’Brian shares how her yearning for a deeper level of connection and happiness lead her to the path of Kriya Yoga. “I am still finding that the connection with our own Self is what we are all yearning for.” – Ellen Grace O’Brian Natural State of Abundance (8:05) How can we shift our perception to a place where we can recognize our natural state of abundance? Yogacharya O’Brian explores this question and how this understanding of abundance transforms the way we interact with the world. “In order to live a prosperous life, there is a switch from a lack to an abundance. That has to do with the deep experience of the Self. So that you know that what you are is enough. From that fullness there is a different way of approaching life, verses from a sense of lacking. ‘I need this’, ‘I want that.” – Ellen Grace O’Brian Commitment To Ananda (24:40) We look at how following through with challenging commitments allows us to get in touch with our higher Self. “The commitment that we have, that helps us follow the path in a graceful way, is a commitment to our own aliveness. It is a commitment to staying in touch with our own sense of Ananda, the soul’s bliss.” – Ellen Grace O’Brian Claiming Abundance (37:25) In closing, Yogacharya O’Brian closes the podcast with a word of advice for young women on the spiritual path.