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A Meditator’s Guide to Advent, Part 4



Listen to Part-Four of Yogacharya O'Brian's Satsang Series: A Meditator's Guide to Advent: Awakening in this Lifetime


Another Way

The wise men who see the star in the east, journey to worship the Christ child. Following this star and worshipping the Christ child mirrors an inner experience of superconscious meditation.

In order to meditate, we calm mental restlessness by focusing on an object of perception. The object can be anything that is soothing to the mind such as a mantra, the perception of inner sound, or inner light. With steady concentration on a single point of focus, the mental field becomes clear. When restless thought activity no longer distracts our attention, awareness naturally flows into meditation. We initially meditate on an object of perception, but then go beyond that, to the direct experience of our essential nature. This essential nature is beyond all phenomena or change; it is eternal.

The “star in the east” can be seen in meditation as the inner light at the ajna chakra or third eye center. This light may be perceived as a silver-white star in a field of blue surrounded by a golden halo. The colors represent the creative process of Supreme Consciousness. The gold represents the vibratory energy and power of Om. The dark blue represents Consciousness pervading all of creation, the Christ consciousness. The white, star-like light represents Supreme Consciousness beyond all phenomena.

Viewed metaphysically, the journey of the wise men is an inner mystical journey through superconscious meditation to realize the Christ consciousness within. They “follow the star in the east”—concentrate on the inner light perceived at the third eye—until their awareness comes to rest in their essential nature. The wise men themselves represent our awakened faculty of discernment, the purified intellect in which the light of the true Self can be revealed.

Consciously abiding in our essential nature beyond thought or phenomena is the experience that is truly transforming. While perceptions of phenomena may encourage our spiritual quest, only the direct experience of our essential nature transforms our knowing.

Once the wise men experience the Christ, the story tells us they do not return to Herod. They do not return to the ego-based identity. The greatest gift of this holy season for every person is the gift of Self- and God-realization. This, and this alone, brings new life. Those who discover it “return to their own country another way.”



Meditate more deeply today with the intention to experience superconsciousness. Once you have closed your eyes and interiorized your attention, focus at the spiritual eye slightly above and between the eyebrows. Feel as if you are breathing through this chakra center. With inhalation, inwardly listen to the word Om, with exhalation, inwardly listen to the word God. Om, God.

When the mental field becomes quiet, let the mantra fall away but keep your inner gaze focused at the spiritual eye. Feel as if you are looking into the distance of inner space. If you perceive a field of blue light or a steady white or gold light, gently focus your attention there.  Remain inwardly attentive and relaxed. Be curious about this inner journey. Wait and watch in the silence, looking and listening within. Meditate for as long as you can stay alert.

Conclude this meditation by offering prayers for the entire world. Bless every person, everywhere, with your wishes for their complete well-being and spiritual realization.



The more conscious you are of the omnipresent Reality in which you abide, the easier it will be for you to know that all you need for your complete well-being is available to you. You will not have to ask for anything or use a lot of effort to accomplish your inspired purposes. You will live with graceful ease in harmonious accord with the rhythms of life.   –Roy Eugene Davis



Am I willing to envision going “another way” to embrace a new life?



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Intentional, spiritual contemplation during Advent offers a remedy for the holidays’ overly materialistic focus that can leave us feeling empty in more ways than one. Instead, it gives us a soul-nourishing way to open our hearts and minds to the healing light within.

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