Five Life-Transforming Lessons from Paramahansa Yogananda – Series (MP3)


Paramahansa Yogananda’s message was as ancient, as brilliant, and ever-new as the sun:
Arise! Awaken to your divine Self. It’s a new day. There’s another way to live…

Paramahansa Yogananda, great yoga master and beloved sage who brought Kriya Yoga to the West in 1920, remains a beacon of light for millions who have read his spiritual classic, Autobiography of a Yogi, or in some other way encountered the vast treasure of Vedic teachings he unlocked and left open for us.

Playing Time: 1:40 hours

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Lesson 1: Be Intentional

Our lives are powered by purpose. When we bring the intention to live a spiritually conscious life to forefront of our awareness, it galvanizes our vision and our action. Recognizing that we are here to awaken saves us from the ever-present delays of distraction and sets us on a steady course of purposeful engagement.

To be guided by higher purpose requires us to be willing to learn, discover how to cooperate with the Infinite and make course corrections along the way.

Lesson 2: Stay Open

How can we develop if we are not willing to enter the fires of transformation? How can we progress without becoming a learner, a disciple of the way? Along the way, we experience the mix of joys, sorrows, insanity, and profound compassion that permeates our world. How do we walk through it, engage with it, and serve without losing heart? Without getting distracted by either pain or pleasure?

Lesson 3: Decide to Be Happy

Once we decide to live from our innate wholeness, we can be happy for no reason. This empowers us to love unconditionally. Which is, of course, the goal.

Lesson 4: Make Love Your Aim

To make Love our aim is to ever reach beyond the confines of the small self that insists on being separate and alone, and instead embrace the oneness of all that is. It’s as simple, and as profound, as living by the Golden Rule. Do it. Do it every day and don’t give up.

Lesson 5: Be Steadfast

How often do we put off the deep urging of the soul to stop our frantic search for fulfillment and come home to our innate wholeness? Come home to live in the soul! Turn attention and awareness within and invite the inner light of Supreme Consciousness to illumine our thoughts and guide our actions.

Start there. Live from there. Be steadfast.