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Be Intentional – Teachings of Kriya Yoga

Kriya Yoga Satsang with Yogacharya: Be Intentional

Live intentionally with higher purpose. When you do, you will discover an invincible, grace-bestowing Power within you that will draw to you whatever is needed for fulfillment of your divine purpose.  

- Yogacharya Ellen Grace O'Brian

Sitting in a light-filled room with over a hundred people, you have the sense that Yogacharya Ellen Grace O’Brian is speaking just to you. Others have told me they feel the same way. In a recent note, Yogacharya said, “My Guru spoke the truth so clearly that I could hear my own heart speaking.”

You are invited to find your own heart’s coherence in listening to her message in the recording below, in which she speaks of Paramahansa Yogananda, the Guru of her Guru, Mr. Roy Eugene Davis.

Live with Higher Purpose - Kriya Yoga Teachings

Yogacharya teaches that one of the gifts Paramahansa-ji has given us is the inspiration to be intentional, to live with higher purpose, a life of dharma, an awakened life. He shows us what the life of a great intentional soul can look like. He was only 27 when he left India to come to America, a sea voyage that took over two months to bring us the teachings of Kriya Yoga. His Guru told him, “All doors will open for you.” Although it wasn’t always easy for him, ultimately thousands of people came to hear him.

She says, “The door of his own consciousness was open.” He decided that his life would be in remembrance of God consciousness and then he lived in harmony with that insight. “When we live with higher purpose then the doors open in our life. He came to teach that. We are spiritual beings and we are here to wake up to that divine life every day.”

Our Wake-up Call

You have had that wake-up call or you wouldn’t be here.

In her message, Yogacharya shares a poem of awakening from her book, The Moon Reminded Me. One image that stays with me is her description of the way Dawn slides in gently and pulls back the blanket of fog in our minds. She says, “You have had that wake-up call or you wouldn’t be here.” It made me laugh in recognition when she said we have several calls for awakening but we have a ‘proclivity for the snooze alarm or a tendency to drift.’ In her gentle humor, I hear Divine Mother’s compassion, which is also the name of the poem.

She describes how the call to awaken can come in different ways, as a radiant joy, as sweetness, as sorrow, or loss. Then we say, “I’m going to live a different way. Pay more attention to what is really important, to what I know is true, worthy of me.”

Rather than looking back over your life with regret, it is useful to ask, “Where am I? Not where is God.”

Be an Instrument of Awakening

In this twenty-minute message, Yogacharya gives instructions on how to set an intention, and how to live with a higher purpose. More is available through her Dharma 365! Course. Here, she inspires us with Yogananda’s vision and courage, the 27-year-old who had a prayer: “Let me be your instrument of awakening.”

To tune into the heart, listen to her message below. Discover the wisdom that resonates in you.

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