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Luminous Mind, Radiant Heart: Five Teachings on Prosperous Living

Yoga Teachings on Prosperous Living

There is a candle in your heart, ready to be kindled.
You feel it, don't you?  - Rumi

The inner light of the divine Self within is ever luminous, serene, and imbued with wisdom. Our spiritual path of awakening is recognizing, remembering, and realizing this truth. It is the never-failing guide to do the right thing and fulfill our highest potential while we are at it.

Five Lessons on Prosperous Living:

Lesson One: "Go Ahead, Shine"

We are born to thrive. Life’s prosperity imperative continually supports our awakening and our fulfillment.

 Watch the recording of Yogacharya O'Brian's message 'Go Ahead, Shine' here.

Lesson Two: "Find Your Within"

“Finding our within” is taking the time to shift our attention from the periphery of our awareness to the center, where our consciousness expands and we are inspired, energized, renewed, and revitalized.

 Watch the recording of Yogacharya O'Brian's message 'Find Your Within'here.

Lesson Three: "The Sanctuary of the Soul"

Enter the sanctuary of your soul and realize the timeless truth of “I Am That.” When we experience our own wholeness, nothing external can define us. We are free.

 Watch the recording of Yogacharya O'Brian's message 'The Sanctuary of the Soul' here.

Lesson Four: "Taking Charge and Letting Go"

To overcome obstacles in life requires us to be fiercely intentional with our resolve, determination, and focus while simultaneously being completely surrendered to the soul’s joy.

 Watch the recording of Yogacharya O'Brian's message 'Taking Charge and Letting Go' here.

Lesson Five: "Becoming Wealth"

The greatest potential of the life goal of artha, or wealth, is to become wealth itself. We are here to be a prospering presence, agents of transformation.

 Watch the recording of Yogacharya O'Brian's message 'Becoming Wealth' here.

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